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North Creek is a family-focused, Presbyterian and Reformed church. We are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to the Bible as the Word of God.

Join All The Glorious Names

A host of names and descriptive titles are ascribed to God in His Word – many in particular that are applied to the Lord Jesus Christ. And yet, the more we learn, the more we realize there’s still far more to be explored. Even a hundred names can’t begin to reveal the infinite richness of the person of the Lord. That is the point that Isaac Watts (b. July 17, 1674; d. Nov. 25, 1748) makes in this hymn, while presenting a few of the names and titles of deity. Below are three stanzas not usually included in our hymn books. 


I love my Shepherd’s voice,

His watchful eyes shall keep

My wand’ring soul among

The thousands of His sheep:

He feeds His flock, He calls their names,

His bosom bears the tender lambs.


To this dear Surety’s hand

Will I commit my cause;

He answers and fulfils

His Father’s broken laws:

Behold my soul at freedom set!

My Surety paid the dreadful debt.


Should all the hosts of death,

And powers of hell unknown,

Put their most dreadful forms

Of rage and mischief on,

I shall be safe, for Christ displays

Superior power, and guardian grace.