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North Creek is a family-focused, Presbyterian and Reformed church. We are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to the Bible as the Word of God.

North Creek Nascar Fantasy League Coconut Creek, FL

North Creek NASCAR Fantasy League

Invite a friend and sign up for the 3rd annual NCPC NASCAR Fantasy League. Give us your email below to receive registration instructions, league news, and alerts!

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How to play:

1. Select 5 starting drivers and 1 “Garage Driver”

2. Select a Pole winner before the start of Qualifying

3. Select the following before the start of each race

  • Stage 1 Winner

  • Stage 2 Winner

  • Race Winner

  • Manufacturer Winner

Rules and Gameplay:

  1. All fantasy points will be updated in real-time for each of your 5 drivers throughout the race

  2. You may swap your “Garage Driver” for any of your starting 5 before the start of the final stage!

  • Only drivers that finish as your 5 “starters” will count for points

*You can only start a driver 10 times throughout the season! However, you can pick the same driver as a stage winner or race winner all year long.


Points are awarded each week as follows:

  1. Finishing position

  2. Stage points

  3. Pole winner (5 points)

  4. Stage one winner (10 points)

  5. Stage two winner (10 points)

  6. Winning driver (30 points)

  7. Winning manufacturer (10 points)

Need Help? Email Ross Bolhofner by clicking the button below.