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Women's free group fitness class north creek presbyterian church coconut creek fl

Women's Free Group Fitness Classes

Calling ladies of all ages, come join in on FREE group fitness class every Monday.

This class is open to the community so be sure to bring a friend! We offer classes on rotation throughout the month - HIT, Total Body, Pilates, and Yoga. Each class is taught by a experienced instructor that guides you through fitness moves that will improve your health. Each instructor will provide modifications to each move so your workout is customized to your needs and desires.

Our HIT class provides a high intensity training during the 1 hour fitness session. This class includes warmup, 5 sets of cardio and toning, abs, and cool down. HIT is designed to increase your heart rate and metabolism during and after the workout allowing you to burn more calories. 

The Total Body Fitness class is designed to work the entire body in 1 hour. The instructor will take your through a series of exercises that focus arms, abs, and legs. This class will motivate and invigorate you allowing you to leave the class feeling healthy and energized. 

The Pilates class is a 60 minute class designed to give your body a total toning workout. The instructor will go through a series of movements that strengthen and stabilize your core. All you'll need is a yoga mat. We provide everything else! We'll take you through exercises using equipment that gives you the burn you desire during your workout.

Our yoga class is relaxing and strengthening in every way. The instructor will guide you through a yoga flow giving your body the workout it desires. This class is perfect for any student, beginner or advanced. The instructor will explain how to achieve each move preventing injury and allowing you to get the most our your practice. This class will leave you feeling toned, strong, and relaxed.

When: Every Monday, 7-8 PM

Where: North Creek Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall

Cost: FREE


May 28 - Memorial Holiday - No Class

June & July - We will be taking a summer break. Stay tuned for our next meeting date.


Melissa Raborn

Hi! I'm Melissa, the Total Body Fitness Instructor at the North Creek fitness class. I've danced with 3 different dance companies over the span of 10 years and did 2 dance performances at the Panther Stadium. I taught group fitness and dance for 1 year at the Recreation and Fitness Center at the University of Central Florida and for 3 years at Florida Atlantic University. My goal is to share my passion for fitness and dance with other people and motivate them!

Marissa Sahai

Hey, my name is Marissa and I am the yoga instructor at the North Creek fitness class. My yoga journey began in 2009 when a close friend of mine introduced me to hot yoga. I was completely intimidated by the more experienced yogis around me but I was determined, and wholeheartedly embraced the heat and sweat pools on my new yoga towel.  A few classes was all it took before I was hooked!  My dedication grew as I began to feel an increased sense of balance and strength.  The chronic stiffness and tension in my back and legs caused by the everyday stresses of life slowly disappeared. Yoga has became an essential part of my regular routine and helps me maintain a more relaxed and balanced attitude towards life.

Sarah Bolhofner

Hi, I am Sarah, the HIT instructor at the North Creek fitness class. My fitness journey began in college. With a busy schedule it was hard to fit in a a couple of hours at the gym. I soon turned to HIT workouts that provided all the benefits of a complete workout in half the time. My class focuses on high intensity training with each set. Each set includes a cardio and toning move. This gets the heart rate up allowing you to burn more calories during and after the workout. I invite you to one of our sweat sessions, I know you will love it!

Leila Salibi

Hi, I am Leila, the yoga stretch instructor at North Creek fitness class. I first tried yoga in my twenties, in these early attempts in trying yoga I did not take a liking to it. At this time in my life, tennis was a big part of my regular routine, I spent years playing tennis on hard courts. Over time, I used to begin to feel so stiff with achy muscles and it only progressed to be an ongoing issue for me. I decided to try and pick up yoga again and this time I had a different experience. I fell in love right away with it because it alleviated much on the pain and discomfort I was feeling throughout my body. I have been practicing yoga for 14 years. Yoga has brought to my body flexibility, energy, strength and it keeps me healthy.

About each class

Total Body

The Total Body class held at North Creek is a complete workout that trains every muscle in your body. This includes exercises that work the chest, back, arms, legs, and abs. This could include movements that work one or all muscle group. We even combine movements to create a compound movement working multiple muscles at once. During the 60 minute class, soft and pop music are played to keep you motivated throughout the workout. Be sure to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes that allow movement. 


Yoga Flow provides a deep stretch and flow allowing you to get a full body workout in one class. This class welcomes beginners and experts to a unique class with each visit. The instructor will walk you through each yoga pose helping you gain breath control, meditation, and specific bodily postures. Our class is designed to provide a workout that tones and strengthens the body. The 60 minute class is accompanied by soft music in the background to provide a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere. Be sure to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.


HIT or high-intensity training is a cardiovascular exercise that alternates between short periods of intense anaerobic exercise and less intense recovery periods. This 60 minute class features 5 sets of :30 second cardio and toning moves. After each set there is a water break for you to catch your breath and regain your energy for the next set. These moves strengthen and tone your muscles while burning calories at the same time. Many have experienced increased energy after these workouts. The class includes pop music to keep you motivated throughout the workout and welcomes beginners to experts. Be sure to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.


Pilates is a set of exercises that uses special apparatus that is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness. During this 60 minute class our instructor will guide you through each exercise giving your body a total body workout. These moves are designed to tone and strengthen your muscles. This class welcomes beginners to experts. Be sure to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.

Yoga Stretch

Yoga stretch combines yoga flow with a deep stretch that focuses on each muscle group. Our instructor will take you through a yoga flow while providing yoga poses that allow you to deepen your stretch and allowing you to be more flexible. Each yoga pose helping you gain breath control, meditation, and specific bodily postures. This 60 minute class will allow you to focus on trouble areas that feel tight or call for extra stretch. The class is accompanied by soft yoga music giving you a relaxed experience. Be sure to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.

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