North Creek Presbyterian Church

Building Relationships

North Creek is a family-focused, Presbyterian and Reformed church. We are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to the Bible as the Word of God.

About North Creek - Church Exterior

About North Creek

Nestled on 5 acres of wooded landscape in north Coconut Creek, Florida - North Creek serves our local community. But it didn't start here. North Creek Presbyterian Church began, established in 1992 with our founding pastor - Dr. Mark Bolhofner, as a simple home church with around 10 families. It is steadfastly committed to the glory of God. We are a family-focused, Presbyterian and Reformed church. We are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to the Bible as the Word of God.

If you are seeking rich, relevant biblical preaching and teaching  each week - you will find it here.

North Creek and its denomination, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, embrace the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms as expressing the system of doctrine found in the Bible.

Our Vision

To provide worship, learning, and service opportunities that God might give people, in and through the North Creek family, growing relationships with Himself and each other.

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What "Type" of Presbyterians Are We at North Creek?

We at North Creek are not a part of the “mainline” Presbyterian church in America (the P.C.U.S.A.) that has often been in the news in recent years for its stances on the issues of the day. We are a separate, conservative, Bible-believing, denomination, established in America in 1782.

We have “fraternal relationships” with other like-minded Presbyterian denominations in America, including the P.C.A., the O.P.C., and the E.P.C. We do not have a fraternal relationship with the P.C.U.S.A.

What is the history of Presbyterians in America and North Creek's denomination, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (A.R.P.C.)?

There are a number of different Presbyterian denominations in America. all of whom essentially trace their heritage to the Protestant Reformation in Europe 500 years ago, and in particular the Reformation in the British Isles, especially Scotland.

In colonial America in the 1700s many of those of Scottish heritage got together to form one Presbyterian denomination, but some, like the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (the A.R.P.C.), our denomination, kept their separate heritage and history. At the Civil War, in the mid-19th century, the mainline denomination split north (calling itself the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.) and south (calling itself the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.).

In the early 20th century, due to “liberalizing” in the northern church, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (O.P.C.) came into being. In the early 1970s, due to “liberalizing” in the southern church, the Presbyterian Church in America (P.C.A.) came into being. And in 1983, the old northern and southern denominations reunited to become the present day “mainline” P.C.U.S.A.

The A.R.P.C., North Creek’s denomination, has not been involved in that history of splitting and reuniting, but has existed continuously in America since 1782.

What more can be said of North Creek's journey?

God brought North Creek Presbyterian Church into being in the summer of 1992. A small group of folks began meeting for worship in a home in Parkland, and shortly thereafter moved for Sunday morning worship and learning opportunities to the Park Springs Elementary School in north Coral Springs. Just before Easter 1996 we began using our first facility on Lyons Road in Coconut Creek, FL. In March, 2002, we dedicated our new sanctuary at the same address.

From the beginning God instilled a strong biblical vision for being a community church, one that would provide worship, learning, and service opportunities to the end that God might give people growing relationships with Himself and each other.

This vision includes keeping families together in worship and learning. It includes equipping people for their relationships with God and each other, teaching them the Bible and how to study it on their own, individually and as families. It includes getting small groups of people together for study and fellowship and service. It includes people having ownership of their ministry through the use of their God-given abilities. And in all this North Creek endeavors intentionally to mix age groups together and build a true sense of family.

We pursue these things from a foundation of being Protestant, in particular Presbyterians. 

The word Presbyterian comes from the New Testament word for elder, indicating that each congregation elects elders who give oversight to the church. These elders represent the church on a regional (Presbyteries) and national (Synod) basis in meetings of the denomination.